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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

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When and where will the next Sommerfestival der Kulturen be held?

The next (and 21st) edition of the Sommerfestival der Kulturen is scheduled from Friday, July 19th, to Wednesday, July 24th, 2024. The festival site includes Stuttgart’s Market Square (Marktplatz), adjacent to the town hall (Rathaus), and extends into its neighboring streets: Kirchstrasse, Hirschstrasse, and Münzstrasse.

Who organizes the festival?

Since 2001, the Sommerfestival der Kulturen has been organized by the Forum der Kulturen Stuttgart e. V. Acting as an umbrella organization, the Forum der Kulturen collaborates with over 300 (post-)migrant organizations and initiatives in Stuttgart, fostering cultural engagement. Through various events and the monthly IN MAGAZIN, the Forum der Kulturen showcases and celebrates Stuttgart’s cultural diversity, extending its reach to the regional and national levels.

In addition to the Sommerfestival der Kulturen, the Forum der Kulturen coordinates the intercultural theater festival Made in Germany and the intercultural festival Made in Stuttgart.

Who curates the festival program?

Each year, approximately 400 bands apply to perform at the Sommerfestival der Kulturen. Rolf Graser, the festival’s project manager and managing director of the Forum der Kulturen, alongside his team, meticulously reviews and evaluates these applications to curate the festival program.

Starting in 2024, a jury of music enthusiasts from Baden-Württemberg chooses the program of one day: the „BW Sessions“. These jury members select the lineup featuring bands exclusively from Baden-Württemberg, showcased on Saturday, July 20th, 2024.

How do I get to the festival and how do I find my way around?

Information on how to get to the festival can be found here: www.sommerfestival-der-kulturen.de/kontakt. On the site map you can see where everything is located.

Is the festival accessible and barrier-free?

We are committed to ensuring that the festival is accessible to all attendees. Also, we continue to remove barriers, and welcome any ideas, suggestions, or requests for further improvement.

Since 2023, in collaboration with the inclusive Stuttgart travel provider „Tour de Sens“, we offer assistance for people with visual impairments. Sighted guides are available to navigate the festival grounds, provide orientation, and assist with various activities, such as locating food stalls or exploring the Market of Cultures.

Where are the restroom facilities?

You’ll find restroom facilities in Stiftstrasse and Eichstrasse, with a designated disabled toilet in Eichstrasse.

How many volunteers participate? Can I volunteer?

Around 300 volunteers contribute to the festival each year, assisting with various tasks such as operating drink stands, managing cash registers, organizing the tombola, and facilitating the program for children. We warmly welcome new volunteers; if you’re interested in getting involved, please click here.

Which bands have performed at previous festivals?

A comprehensive list of all bands that have performed at the Sommerfestival der Kulturen since its inception in 2001 can be found on our website. Additionally, a Spotify playlist featuring tracks from most of these bands is available for streaming.

How is the festival funded?

The Sommerfestival der Kulturen is funded through donations, sponsorships, proceeds from beverage sales, and gains from the tombola.

Who benefits from the earnings generated by food sales?

The approximately 70 associations offering culinary delights at the Sommerfestival der Kulturen are the beneficiaries of the earnings, which in turn help them proceed with their association activities.

Which (post-)migrant organizations and initiatives participate in the festival?

Approximately 70 migrant associations and post-migrant organizations and initiatives set up food stalls around the marketplace and adjacent streets, offering a diverse culinary experience from around the world. These organizations also showcase their activities at information stands and contribute significantly to the stage program on Festival Sunday, July 16th.

For updates on participating (post-)migrant organizations, please visit our website.

What happens to unsold food at the end of each day?

Since 2018, the Sommerfestival der Kulturen has partnered with foodsharing e. V. to ensure that leftover food is rescued and distributed each evening. This initiative prevents waste and supports sustainability efforts.

Why are there multiple setup and dismantling phases during the festival?

Due to the weekly market held three times a week at Stuttgart’s Market Square, the festival area must be cleared and reconfigured multiple times during the festival period. In 2024, with the cooperation of market vendors, they will temporarily relocate to Königstraße during the festival.


Awareness and support ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all festival attendees is paramount. We unequivocally reject all forms of discrimination.

If you or someone else requires assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Awareness Team via SMS or phone at 0152/09 65 74 57 or email at awareness@forum-der-kulturen.de.

Losts and Founds

If you have lost – or found – something, please report to the staff at the information booth, who will assist you accordingly.

Medical urgencies

In case of medical emergencies or concerns about your well-being or that of others, please approach the information booth, security personnel, the Awareness Team, or paramedics stationed at the information tent for prompt assistance.

Family-Friendly Facilities

Parents seeking a quiet and convenient spot for changing or breastfeeding their child can approach the Forum der Kulturen information booth located in the marketplace for assistance.

Further Inquiries

If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to visit the Forum der Kulturen information booth in the marketplace or reach out to us via Instagram or email at online@forum-der-kulturen.de.